Tech News

Technology is advancing every day. Every day new and cool things come with these expansions. On this page we plan to put up any tech related news articles that we find interesting. Check back soon for these articles!

Cybersecurity Month
October was Cybersecurity Awareness Month! If you missed it, click Here for some basic information on cybersecurity, or Here for some cybersecurity tips on how to keep yourself safe online.

LIU12 Student Help Desk Forum
On November 1st, 2018, some of out senior officers attended an event called the “LIU12 Student Help Desk Forum”. The purpose of this event was for several of the school district’s Help Desks in the area to come together and discuss possible ways to make their own Help Desk’s better. There were several sessions that could be attended during the day. Our own CYHS iTeam senior officers conducted two sessions during this time; “CYHS iTeam Student Help Desk” and “A Schoology Course for Help Desk.” Dallastown, Susquehannock, Dover, Red Lion, York County School of Technology, and South Western were among some of the attending school districts. #liuhelpdesk