Maker Space

Welcome to Central York High School’s very own Maker Space!

A “Maker Space” is an area dedicated to learning by building, or “making,” a physical product. Many people in today’s world want to become some kind of engineer or builder. Our Central York Maker Space allows learners to work with K’Nex, circuits, and a 3D Printer, to build and make all different kinds of products. It helps learners find different ways to learn and they can do so in a fun way and have products to show for it. Stop up in the HUB during FLEX, lunch, or your free period, to work on a project in the Maker Space.

Pictures of projects that students create with the K’Nex, Updates on the 3D Printer, and other projects will be posted here!

Early Projects

3D Printer and Piano Staircase

Piano Staircase Setup Video
3D Printer Video