About Us

The CYHS iTeam is a group of students who love technology and like to help other students and staff members.  We also want to improve on our knowledge as well as talk about our current projects for the school and/or outside of school. Many of the students are currently working on some projects for the school (or the iTeam itself) on their own time. This Video gives a good overview of what iTeam is all about.

CYHS iTeam Divisions:

The CYHS iTeam has three divisions you can choose to join. There are the Programming, MakerSpace, and Help Desk divisions. You are not limited to staying inside your division. Many of the current members help out in all three. Each division specializes in different things and works on different projects and/or parts of projects.

Leadership Positions:

President: Cole Cox
Vice President: Laurel Lokhaiser
Secretary: Frances Musone
Treasurer: Tyler Ellis
Webmaster: Reed Franz
Programming Lead: Mark Garas
Maker-space Lead: Annie Bova
Helpdesk Lead: Karina Moroz


Andrew Amin
Annie Bova
Mary Bova
Cameron Buia
Isaiah Colon
Cole Cox
Angel Dixon
Toby Ellis
Tyler Ellis
Brayden Finch
Reed Franz
Mark Garas
Desiree George
Maria Houseman
Rachel Leib
Laurel Lokhaiser
Kayla Messerschmidt
Karina Moroz
Zach Murr
Frances Musone
Anthony Ramos
Patrick Rehmeyer
Jeremy Rivera
Matthew Sarver
Mackenzie Unger
Billie White
Thomas Williams III
Gwendolyn Windon